Weekly Launch

October 31-Nov. 4


Please remind parents about our coffee talk with Dr. Smith on Thursday in the library from 8:30-9:30. We would like a big turnout!

Please talk with your students about the importance of never leaving the building for any reason! We had a student decide to run home at 8:18 to get a book she left at home because she didn't want to disappoint her teacher! We usually worry about the kids who are upset leaving the building but not always!

Don't forget to sign up to vote on Thursday!

Thanks again to Leah and Susan for their presentations at the faculty meetings! I can't wait to watch you incorporate your objectives into your lessons!

Important Dates

October 31-Wear jeans with a Halloween shirt


November 1-Huddle 3:30

November 2-Jen B. out a.m.


November 3-Coffee talk with Dr. Smith-8:30-9:30

Delivery of Fundraiser

November 4-Character Connection

Character Corner

Word of the Month-Citizenship

Word of the Week-Respect the Environment

Morning Announcements-Florez

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Shout Outs

A big shout out to:

all the teachers who have been tweeting!!! Thanks so much!

to Jeannie for all her hard work in getting the Vote Smart together! I am excited that Dr. Smith has a voter's registration card and will vote after the coffee talk on Thursday!

Word of the Week-Frequent