December Newsletter

Mrs. Thesing's Second Grade

Reading is Thinking Video...

Language Arts

What are we working on this month:

  • Long a
  • Blends: scr, spr, str, thr, spl, shr
  • Rereading
  • Key Details
  • Author's Purpose
  • Writing: Organization and Word Choice
  • Possessive Nouns
  • Action Verbs
  • Contractions: 's, 're, 'll, 've
  • Abbreviations
  • Apostrophes with Possessive Nouns


What are we working on this month:

  • Making Change
  • Part-Part-Total Diagrams
  • Addition Strategies for adding large numbers
  • Reviewing Time
  • Points and Line Segments
  • Parallel Line Segments
  • Exploring Polygons, Arrays, and Attributes
  • Quadrangles
  • 3-Dimensional Shapes
  • Pyramids
  • Line Symmetry


We are starting a unit on forces and motion. We will study how objects move, simple machines, and magnets.

In mid-December we will start a unit on how living things grow and change. Students will learn how organisms change as they grow and mature and that all living things have offspring that resemble their parents.

Holiday Party

We will have our Christmas party on the afternoon of December 22nd. Second graders are invited to bring a small gift ($5.00 or less) for a gift exchange at the Christmas party. Instead of bringing a gift for a specific child, if your child is a girl, she should bring a gift for a girl and a boy should bring a gift for a boy.

Please help your child label the gift: “Merry Christmas”, From, (your child’s name).

Please let us know if purchasing a gift creates a problem for your family. We would be happy to help.

We will be mixing up a Snowman Snack Mix for our party. Please send in a small treat package to add to the mix. A few things that work well in the mix are pretzels, small chocolate candies, gum drops, marshmallows, chocolate chips, and Chex cereal. Please remember the treat must come to school in it's original package unopened. Thank you in advance! The kids really love to see how it turns out, and of course they LOVE eating the mix too!