All About Me

Mia Bishop

My School

I am currently attending Cumberland Christian Academy in Austell, Georgia. My favorite subject is Science specifically Biology. I am junior this year. This is my first year taking an online class. I am very excited I heard it was very easy to use, and you are able to learn at your on speed

My Career Aspirations

I would love to go into the Medical field or any field dealing with Science. Becoming a doctor has always been a dream of mine. I love helping people and figuring out a way I can help them. I don't know specifically what field of medicine I want to go into yet.

Favorite Books, Movies, and Tv Series

My Music


Kid Cudi - Immortal (SC) by T2KEnterprise


Chris Brown - Fine China by Chris_Brown


Rick springfield - jessies girl by orlandom

Official Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande - Baby I by Official Ariana Grande


Since I want to go into the Medical Filed there are several colleges I attend. My top 4 would be Duke University, Boston University, Mercer University, and Louisiana State University.