Robert L. Crippen "Friday" Bulletin


Give Thanks with a Grateful Heart

"If you are really thankful, what do you do? You share."--W. Clement Stone

Thank you for your service to our students. I am grateful for you.

Mortar Word / Math Maker / College Word / Character Trait

Mortar Word--Explain
Which sentence best explains why Joubert was able to provide the care Jessica needed? 3rd Grade Reading 2013

Math Maker--10+0=10

College Word--Career

Character Trait--Respect

Upcoming Events over TWO WEEKS

  1. Learning Walks Week of 11/16-20--Munoz & Christian
  2. Monday, 11/16--Progress Report Grades Due 8 AM
  3. Monday, 11/16--Kindergarten Planning Day
  4. Monday, 11/16--Party Bus Ride to Cici's Pizza for Fundraiser Winners
  5. Monday, 11/16--4th Grade Lunar Lunch
  6. Tuesday, 11/17--1st Grade Planning Day
  7. Tuesday, 11/17--Fall Fundraiser Pickup
  8. Tuesday, 11/17--Grades 2 and 3 Character Club
  9. Wednesday, 11/18--Non Dual Language Literacy Meetings during your conference period with Ms. Mayes--complete data drive sheet prior to meeting please.
  10. Thursday, 11/19--Monthly Dual Language Meeting 3:15 Andrade's Room
  11. THANKSGIVING HOLIDAY--11/23-11/27


  • Let me know if you want to be on the Sunshine Committe. :)
  • 11/16-11/20 Digital Citzenship Lesson Taught
  • If you request copies for our Rocket Fuel Volunteers, please leave paper for your volunteers.
  • ELAR Teachers--Check your ELAR grades. Grades SHOULD not be from just Spelling. Make sure you enter GRADES in EACH Week by Tuesday--see district grading policy
  • **********************************************************************
  • Elementary Principal's Meeting--Friday, 11/20 8:30 AM Central Office


All Crippen Astronauts will display stellar citizenship and perform at or above grade level in every subject.