Burning down the peace

The Boxer Rebellion

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Boxer Soldiers: Author is Togo Shine. This photograph is licensed in the Public Domain

Burning down the peace- Poem

Burning down the Peace

By:Steph Rodriguez

Men dressed all in black

Burning down the peace

Flooded with anger, and the atrocious angel attack

Telegraph lines and our christian missions harmed

Burning down the peace

The Empress, who ruled for the people

Using the Boxers for her own gain

Which she bestowed upon us all evil

look in their eyes was the look of the devil

Burning down the peace

Men dressed all in black

The Righteous and Harmonious Militia

Tarring tightly together as if a wolf pack

Fifty Six long days, many dead in the night

Harmed 'cause of this treacherous terrible fight

Burning down the peace

Stephanie Rodriguez 160

Burning Down the Peace by Stephanie Rodriguez 160