Second Grade Super Stars!

December 2021

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Mark Your Calendars!

*Food Drive: Dec. 3-17

Summit View 3rd grade classes are hosting the annual Food Drive as part of a service project to benefit the Food Pantry of Waukesha. Please bring in nonperishable food items Dec. 3-Dec. 17th!

*Folk Fair: Dec 4: 9-11:30

We are holding our first ever Folk Fair on Sat. Dec. 4 from 9a-11a. Come to enjoy community performances including the Waukesha West Orchestra, Waukesha North Choir, Aspire Dance, and more. Families are invited to create projects and play games as they explore new cultures and traditions around the building. We will even have the Scholastic Book Fair and Holiday Shop open! To learn more about this event please visit the school website here:

*Scholastic Book Fair: Dec. 6-7

*Math Family Fun Night: Dec. 7, 5:30-6:30

Come join us for a night filled with math games for the whole family! Sessions providing information about the Math Parent Help Site will be happening in CAMP every 15 minutes.

The fun goes from 5:30-6:30 on Tuesday, December 7th.

Curriculum Corner


We are beginning our nonfiction unit this month. Students will be reading informational texts and studying nonfiction text features (diagrams, labels, photographs...). In writing students will have the opportunity to write an All About Book and teach others about a topic of their choice. Students will also learn how to write a lab report.


Students have learned strategies for addition and subtraction. We have learned how to use doubles, count on, and turn around facts to add. We can use these strategies as we subtract as well! We are now focusing on strategies for adding and subtracting larger numbers using base ten and number lines.
Our next unit is all about Graphing!

Social Studies

Students have had a great time sharing with their classmates about important traditions in their lives. We are also learning about American Holidays. Students will be working collaboratively on a research project.

Report Cards Family Letter!

Please click this link to read information about Report Cards which will be available on Infinite campus December 10 at 4pm. If you would like to request a paper copy, please reach out to your child(ren)’s classroom teacher(s).

Tech Talk!

*Please check your child's ipad to see if it needs any updates.

Click settings icon

general (on left side)

software update (on right side)

.... if it says, "iPadOS is up to date", then you are all set! If not, please install the needed updates.

*REPEAT: November News

Conference Links & Report Card Information

Below are the conference links. We would like to meet with all families on one of these dates. Please sign up for a virtual or in person conference.

Conference Links

Please see the attached letter about report cards and grading.

Report Card Parent Letter

Important Dates

November 2nd: Virtual Conferences

November 10th: In Person Conferences

November 24th-26th No School (Happy Thanksgiving)

Curriculum Corner


Our second unit in literacy focusses on the Fairy Tale genre. Our essential question is, Why do fairy tales exist? In this unit, students will:

*summarize a text

*ask and answer questions about a text

*understand illustrations


We recently finished our unit on solids, liquids, and gases. To end the unit, students were given a design challenge in which they needed to construct a tower.

Social Studies:

We are beginning our unit on family traditions and American holidays this week! To kick it off, we are learning about The Day of the Dead (Dia de los Muertos), which is a family tradition for many of our friends. Throughout this unit, students will look for what is the same and different between their traditions and other traditions in their community.

Fall Stations & a Slopera!

Last Wednesday, on the early release day, students had fun rotating through a few fall stations! Mrs. Huth led a literacy station. She read the book, The Old Lady Who Wasn't Afraid of Anything. After listening to the story, students retold the story by acting it out. While with Mrs. Donovan, students had a chance to play several different fall/Halloween math games. The final station was with Mrs. Haag, and it was a science station. Students hypothesized which liquid would dissolve candy corn the fastest. We also had a virtual field trip to the Kennedy Center and watched a "Slopera" (Opera), a short opera based on Mo Willems book, I Really Like Slop!

------- REPEAT FROM OCTOBER --------


A HUGE thank you to everyone that has sent in prizes for our treasure boxes! The students always love checking out the bins to see the new goodies that have been added, so feel free to keep sending them in! Some popular prizes are bubble wands, pop-its, little stuffed animals, stress balls, and fun notepads or pens.

iPads in Second Grade

We will use our iPad's daily. Please help your child build a routine where they charge their iPad nightly and remember to bring it to school the next morning. In the event that your student forgets to charge their iPad, please send their charging block and cord with them, so they are able to charge it in their classroom. Many students have been forgetting their ipads at home, or bringing them with less than 20% battery life. This makes it difficult for them to participate in their school activities.

Daily Snacks

We encourage students to bring a small, easy to eat, snack. Some examples of appropriate healthy snacks include: Applesauce, Crackers, Fruit and/or vegetables, Pretzels, Popcorn, Raisins, Rice Cakes, String cheese, or Yogurt; please send a spoon as needed. Please note that chips, cookies, cake, etc. are not healthy snack choices, but are great, special "treats" for student lunch! We appreciate your understanding and support in helping our kids build a healthy lifestyle. Thanks in advance for your cooperation!


Math in second grade begins with a mini-lesson, followed by application or "work time". During application time, students have time to practice the skills taught during the lesson. Students may work independently, play math games with partners, or work in a small group with their teacher. In September, our mathematicians worked on deepening their understanding of place value. They have also been learning and practicing strategies that can help them solve equations more efficiently.


The second graders have been learning about the states of matters. They learned that matter is anything that takes up space. We have learned about the properties of solids, liquids, and gases and examples of each. This week we will be comparing solids, liquids and gases to see how they are the same and different as well as what they all have in common.


Literacy in second grade has many components.
1.The Language Experience: Students engage in meaningful conversations about a common mentor text. We use "Talk Moves" to help keep the dialogue flowing. Some sentence starters are, "I agree with you because...", "I can add onto that...", "Could you tell me more about...?"

2. Reading Workshop: This begins with a mini-lesson, followed by application time, and it ends with a share-out. During the application session, students have the opportunity to read on their own, read from an ipad, respond to their reading, have word work, and work in a small guided group with their teacher.

3. Writing Workshop: Students have been working hard on their personal narratives during this past unit of writing. We've learned about writing leads and endings that have an action, dialogue, or a feeling. In the next week, our young writers will be editing and publishing the piece they selected.

4. Phonics: Phonics is another component of our literacy block. Learning letter sounds, spelling rules, and high frequency words are very important for reading and writing.

Books in a Bag

The Books in a Bag program will be starting soon for many of our second grade readers! You may remember it from last year. Students will choose a book from school to bring home for additional reading enjoyment and practice. This book is an INDEPENDENT read. This means that the book should be a little easy for the reader so that they can read it on their own, if they choose to. Reading an independent book allows the reader to build fluency, confidence, and their love of reading.

September Welcome!

Dear families,

We hope your child has had as much fun during the first weeks back as we have! We've been talking a lot about following the 4 Bs (Safe, Responsible, Kind, Respectful) and what that looks like here at Summit View. Students have also designed name tags for their coat hooks, worked hard writing in their Summer Vacation booklets, and created some outstanding self-portraits!

Please take some time to read the information below.


*Come to school FULLY charged every day

*NO passcodes on K-2 ipads (please remove it, if you have one on)
*Keep in a zip-loc bag in the backpack to avoid water spills

*Each child NEEDS headphones for their ipad

ThAnK YoU!!!

Thank you so much to the families who have given air purifiers to the second grade pod! All three of our classrooms have them and we greatly appreciate the generous gifts!

ID # (Lunch Code):

It is VERY important that your child has their ID number memorized! They use this to check library books out, buy milk, for pin numbers, etc. Please check to see if your child knows their number and practice it at home if they don't. (It is found in Infinite Campus if they don't know it).


Our classes learned two new games from our Playworks coach. They are called, Switch and Watch Your Back tag game. Ask your son/daughter how to play the new games!

Treasure Box:

We are in need of little "treasures" for our prize bins. Some ideas are: pop-its, stress balls, blank books (to write stories in), bubbles, play-doh, "fun" pens... and many others. You might have some items already at home, otherwise dollar stores and Five Below often have some great finds! If you are able to donate any items now or throughout the year - we'd greatly appreciate it!

September 2021

Welcome to 2nd Grade 2021 2022

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