Haylea Getman

Definition of Stress:

To me, stress is something to remind us that we are human. We all have, or had, stress, it makes us feel like we can't take anymore life at the moment. It means we should take a break.

Stress can be good, like we can react in the moment.

Stress can also be bad, like when you have too much and react in a negative way.

Responses and Reactions to Stress

You can respond in either a good or a bad way to stress. A good example is like using it to learn from experience and talk to your friends about it, and be "in the moment", but a bad way to react to stress is like when you yell and scream at people, blaming them for your problems, or in other words, a negative way.

When you respond badly, don't respond at all, and keep it kept in, you may get ill, or severely depressed, feeling sad, angry, alone, and distant, which goes into a downward spiral of feelings. But when you respond in a positive way, you can keep yourself organized personally and learn how to tame it and tame others, by tame i mean control and conquer.

To react in a nice way to stress, you can do some breathing exercises and talk to friends or even coloring! When you react negatively, you may want to do that, but you don't, you take the path of silence and anger. Ways that they will try to relieve stress negatively is cutting, isolation, and keeping feelings in.

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