February 1 - 8, 2016

You are the LIGHT and HEART of Powdersville

You are the LIGHT of Powdersville! You brighten students' lives every day. You are also the HEART of Powdersville Middle School! Without your endless effort to know and help our students, our school would have no purpose. In essence, it would cease to have life. Your actions are the reasons the PVMS is alive and successful.

Thank you for being the LIGHT and HEART of our school, positively influencing so many lives!

Way to Go!

Congrats to Margaret Robinson and Treva Davis for presenting at the SCCTE Conference this past week with Rebecca Harper! Great Job!

Kindness goes a long way!

Thanks goes out to Ms. Dansby for her job in promoting and coordinating the Great Kindness Challenge. I also appreciate all the efforts made by our faculty and staff to make it a success.

This Challenge was dedicated in honor of Mr. Fred Alexander, long-time ASD1 Board Chairman, who exemplifies kindness in his professional and personal life.

Great job, Barbara, and congratulations to Mr. Alexander!


February 10 - Cathy Swafford

February 12 - Beverly Murphy

February 16 - Mark McCall (Over The Hill!)

February 19 - Rebecca Drayton

February 21 - Tammie Collins

February 25 - Megan Cole

2016-17 Decisions

Like the majority of decisions made in our district, financial funding is linked to the answer. What will the base student cost per student be for our district next year? How will our enrollment numbers change?

I have my preliminary budget meeting in two weeks at the District Office. At that time, I will beg and plead for as much money as possible. More money means smaller class size. More money means more resources and more options.

I always try to include our faculty and staff in decision-making when feasible. I will answer these questions just as as soon as I have more information so you can plan accordingly.

I want you to know a goal of mine is to revisit our Power of ICU and EAFK. I truly believe these tools are important as we move toward our mission to teach life skills and characteristics of a SC graduate. I would certainly welcome any ideas you have regarding these two programs.

Take 10 minutes and complete the following form. The information you provide will help with AdvancED and preparation for funding. Thank you!