Safety In The Kitchen

By Tiarne Silver

Top Ten Rules!

When cooking in a kitchen, whether you are in a kitchen at home, at school or at work you must always stay safe and be aware of your surroundings There are 10 mega tips that could help you out.

1) Always carry knifes by the handle and make sure the blade is facing down.

2) Make sure you wash your hands very well before you start cooking. You don't want to get anyone sick.

3) Never leave your cooking unattended

4) Use the right tool for the job.

5) Never catch a falling knife.

6) Keep your hair tied up.

7) Never throw water on a cooking fire.

8) Don't put knives or other sharp objects into a sink full of water.

9) Always turn pot handles in toward the back of the rangetop

10) Don't run in the kitchen.