Seven days and six nights.

Time to go on vacation


My destination or my vacation that I picked will be that I am going to Turin,Italy. Why? I chose Turin, Italy because of it's large variety of historic museums and Art museums as well. Also Turin has a lot of architecture and art with a twist of some old history in it. Oh and I chose it because that's where most of my family lives at So I would probably be hanging out with them for a while.

Type of lodging and source food.

Well for the First two days I will be staying at my cousin's place until i can find a hotel to stay in. On day one me and my cousin will probably be going site seeing and probably going out to eat at primo e poi Which is right next to the piazza Carlo Felice. The cost of that would be is that for two adult meals it would be about 19.00 Euros each person so that would be 38.00 Euros in total. So now I have about 1338 Euros left.
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Just to get it straight off the bat. The U.S. dollar equals to 0.92 euros. Which means that one Euro equals to about $1.10 in the U.S. So that would mean that 1500 U.S. dollars equals to about $1376 in Euros.

tourist acivities and excursions

Well on the second day i would go to Parco Del Valentino does't cost any thing because it is a big park. And go hang out with my cousin's and have a big family reunion at Primo e Poi wheres like at least 40 of us there because most of my family lives in Turin. Then go see the town center and probably go to my cousins say good bye and go find a hotel.

The days...

On day three I found a hotel that I can stay in and it's called Hotel Universo and is quite cheap but nice and is a four star hotel which cost about 278 Euros so now I have about 1060 Euros left. On day four i would just stay inside the hotel and rest watch t.v. and order food and that would be it. But the food would cost about 30 Euros so now i have about 1030Euros left. On day five i would be just visiting some of my relatives by taxi which would cost about 10 Euros maybe 15. And probably go talking to them about political affairs and other nonsense for like hours and eat lunch and dinner with them while i'm there and probably talk some more. After words i would go back to the hotel and sleep. On day six I would go back to my cousin's house tell him i'm leave tomorrow and probably just use the rest of my time in museums sight seeing and talking to some of my family members that im leaving tomorrow. After that on day seven I would leave the hotel and pay for the bill for five days at the hotel and go to the airport where another home lies ahead.