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July 19, 2021

Mission Statement

St. Joseph Catholic School fosters a diverse community of disciples empowered through a rigorous and inclusive Catholic education rooted in Gospel values and service to others.

Back To School Season.... It's in the air

You can't miss the school supply section when you walk into stores these days! The first day of school is around the corner, and we are getting excited to welcome students back.

Our School Year Packet Pick Up is one of the most anticipated days of the year, and is coming this week! Please be reminded that we need a parent from each family to stop by the school during office hours, and pick up a school year packet. School year packets contain: the emergency card, car tags, and the student's class assignment for the coming school year. Please come to the school office parking lot to pick up School Year Packets.

School Year Packets will be available beginning:

at 12pm on Wednesday, July 21st for NEW families only.

at 2pm on Wednesday, July 21st for all families.

Some things to keep in mind before coming to school to pick up packets:

  • Packets may only be picked up by a legal parent/guardian.
  • All account balances from the previous year must be satisfied before packets can be released.
  • Every family MUST have set up a FACTs account. (If you need help setting up your FACTs account, see below or call the school office.)

If you cannot make it to school this Wednesday, July 21st, parents may come any time between the 21st and the first day of school. Please be mindful of the Summer School Office Hours:

Monday through Thursday: 9am until 3pm

Friday: 9am until 1pm

The office will be closed on Wednesday, August 4th for staff to attend training.

Summer project update

We've had a busy summer! Lots of projects are nearing completion, and teachers are starting to come back to prepare classrooms for the first day of school. Unfortunately, there has been a delay on the roof project that was scheduled to begin right after school got out for the summer. Materials for the project have been delayed. We are working with the contractor and the Diocese to get this project finished as soon as possible. We will keep you posted.

Check out some pictures of projects taking shape:

Summer homework

Time is running out! All students entering first through eighth grade have Summer Homework. Please ensure that your child is prepared to start this school year off on the right foot, with summer homework complete. A complete list of summer homework can be found on our school website at Summer 2021 Homework – St. Joseph Catholic School (stjosephwhschool.org)

school supplies

School Supply lists for the 2021-2022 school year can be found on the school website at https://stjosephwhschool.org/school-supply-lists/. Please be sure your child has his/her supplies for the coming school year. *Middle school students will need their school supplies when they come for Boot Camp on Tuesday, August 10th.

For those parents that don't enjoy school supply shopping, our PTO is providing an opportunity for you to purchase online. School supply kits have been prepackaged for all grade levels making it easy for you to purchase supplies with one click. You also have the option to pick and choose the items you wish to buy. Again, this is NOT a requirement. This is a service for those families that are interested. If you are interested in ordering supplies using this service, we encourage you to make that purchase this week to guarantee you have the supplies on time. Visit schooltoolbox.com for more information.

Big picture

summer office hours

Summer Office Hours are as follows:

Monday through Thursday: 9am until 3pm

Friday: 9am until 1pm

*The school office will be closed Wednesday, August 4th for staff to attend training.

uniform sales

All students in PreK 3 and Kindergarten through grade 8 must be in full SJCS uniform daily. The SJCS uniform may only be purchased from Sir Walter, our uniform company. The uniform must fit comfortably on students and should not be snug. When purchasing mass skirts, please keep in mind that the skirts can be no shorter than 3 inches above the bend in the knee. It is important to remember that children grow over summer, so please assess your child's uniforms and make new purchases as necessary.

Uniform Sale Dates:

  • NEW FAMILIES ONLY: Wednesday, July 21st from 12pm-2pm.
  • Wednesday, July 21st from 2pm-5pm.
  • Tuesday, August 3rd from 12pm-5pm.
  • Saturday, August 7th from 9am-12pm.

2021-2022 School Calendar

The 2021-2022 St. Joseph Catholic School Calendar can be found on our school website at https://stjosephwhschool.org/wp-content/uploads/2021-2022-School-Calendar.pdf

facts accounts

FACTs accounts must be established before parents will be able to pick up their child(ren)'s new school year packet. Parents must set up the accounts with bank account information and schedule payments. Please remember that the school applies the fees and scholarship amounts; the parent must work with FACTs to make any other changes to their FACTs account.

Mrs. Brown has started applying the fees and scholarships to student accounts. Families that are receiving scholarships are reminded to submit Award Letters to Mrs. Brown so that your account can reflect that scholarship.

Again, students will not be assigned to a class for the coming school year unless a FACTs account has been established by the parent. Please take care of this at your earliest convenience. Call the office if you have questions.

1. Go to www.stjosephwhschool.org

2. Click on the News & Information Tab, scroll down to where it says Facts and Renweb

3. You will be taken to a log in screen, you will need to log in with the same username and password as when you filled out the enrollment application

4. Our DISTRICT code is STJC-FL

5. Once you log in and you are on the school home screen, you will see a blue bar on the left side of the screen with different options.

6. You will want to go all the way down to FINANCIAL. Click on that, then you will see in the top right these options

Financial Links

7. You will want to go to set up a payment plan, follow the prompts and make sure you SUBMIT!

8. If you have any issue with getting to 2021-2022, go to FINANCIAL HOME first.

first day of school

Our first day of school is Wednesday, August 11th.

Orientation for New Families, PreK and kindergarten

*Please note the date change.

All new families to SJCS, parents of students in PreK 3, VPK, and Kindergarten are invited to Orientation on Thursday, August 5th at 6pm in the parish center.

open house

Open House is offered on Tuesday, August 10th from 10:30am until 12noon, for all students entering PreK 3 through Grade 5. Parents are invited to bring their child to school, with school supplies. We encourage you to come meet the teacher, visit the classroom, and drop off school supplies.

*Please note that middle school students do not have Open House, as Boot Camp replaces Open House.

Middle School Boot Camp

All students entering grades 6 through 8 are required to attend Boot Camp on Tuesday, August 10th from 9am until 12noon. Students must wear regular school uniform and bring his/her school supplies. More information will be forthcoming. Again, this is REQUIRED for all middle school students.

PE Uniforms

Students in grades 5-8 will not change clothes for PE, unless they have PE on a mass day (Friday). All students who have PE Monday through Thursday will wear PE uniforms all day on their PE day.

The schedule for PE will be available at the Uniform Sales. This may be helpful information as you shop for uniforms.


As you begin to prepare your child for back to school at St. Joseph Catholic School, please be mindful of our requirements for student's shoes. The shoe rule will remain the same this coming school year and states:

Predominantly white, black, grey, brown or navy shoes are to be worn with laces matching the predominant color of the shoes. The shoes may have one secondary color. *Please note that predominant red shoes are not permitted.

If you have questions about shoes meeting the requirements, you are urged to speak with MRS. HAAS, MR. REILLY, or MRS. MAGNOLE only.


As you begin to make plans for back to school haircuts, etc, we remind parents of the guidelines regarding hairstyles for boys and girls at St. Joseph Catholic School.

No radical hairstyles or hair colors are permitted. No highlights or alterations to natural hair or hair color are allowed. No elaborate hair decorations are allowed. (This includes designs shaved into haircuts, mohawks, spiked hair, etc.)

Thank you for your help in adhering to this policy.

substitute teachers needed

We are in needed of substitute teachers for the coming school year. If you are interested, please email Mr. Reilly at jreilly@stjosephwhschool.org.

Positions Available

St. Joseph Catholic School is currently seeking certified teachers for part-time employment in the afternoons.

Interested individuals should email Mrs. Haas at thaas@stjosephwhschool.org.

St. Joseph Prayer

O Blessed Joseph, faithful guardian of my Redeemer, Jesus Christ, protector of Mary, the virgin Mother of God, I choose you this day to be my special patron and advocate and I firmly resolve to honor you all the days of my life. Therefore, I humbly ask you to receive me as your client, to instruct me in every doubt, to comfort me in every affliction, to obtain for me and for all the knowledge and love of the Heart of Jesus, and finally to defend and protect me at the hour of my death. Amen.

St. Joseph Catholic School

Principal: Mrs. Haas

Assistant Principal: Mr. Reilly

Canonical Administrator: Fr. Tim LaBo

Superintendent: Mr. Fortier