Stratasys- Print Your Tomorrow

Written by Iddo Zweig

Welcome to Stratasys- The Leading Company In 3D Printing

Did you ever need a tool for the project you're working on, but it doesn't exist or is very expensive? With the new technology of 3D printing, you can easily solve that. All you need is some small experience with designing, and a 3D printer (We recommend the Mojo Idea printer if you're a beginner), now you just need to make it in one of the many programs that can create 3D models, print it, wait a bit and now you have that tool you always wanted. But it doesn't need to print only tools, you can print anything!!! You want a ring? Print one. You want a new car model? Print one. You want to create a replica of something? Print it. Easy as that.

The Future of 3D Printing in the Medical Field

3D printing is a new technology that only a few years ago became popular, it's still in development and it managed to accomplish great things already, you can print cars and houses, print the smallest to the biggest things, but there's more to come. Scientists, doctors, and engineers are working together to build 3D printers that can print body parts and organs! Today, we can build prosthetics like arms and legs, but this is bigger and harder. These scientists are trying to print artifical hearts that function exactly like a real one, this sounds like sci-fi but it's not, this will save millions of lives, and people that have heart diseases or anything that needs a transplant can have one, without anyone needing an organ donor. This is the future.

It's Good for the Enviroment

With problems like global warming and pollution, the world is becoming less lively and dangerous. Factories and cars destroy the ozone layer and the atmosphere and cities like beijing and shanghai are insanlely polluted. With 3D printing, we can print stuff without doing any damage to the planet, because this process doesn't make any gasses or pollution. It can print cars that have electric engines which don't harm the atmosphere. 3D printing is the solution to all the industrial problems, and the enviromental hazards.