Taxes, tips, discounts, commission,

And mark ups

talk about math! (taxes, tips, discounts, and more!)

Taxes: taxes are extra money added onto stuff like cars, houses, work, and much more. Taxes are a % of what was paired for! Like an addition to a bill.

tips: not helpful tips like never eat yellow snow. This is helpful to waiters though! Tips are an extra % of a bill such as 5% 10% 15% and so on.

Discounts: a discounts is a % of money taken away from the original price

Commission: a commission is $ made off of a something % of a number.

Markups: a markup is selling something additional to make a profit.

Examples for: tips, taxes, discounts

Taxes: a pair of boots were $19.95. The tax would be $1.35 so the price of the boots would be $21.30

How I found my tax: 6.75% x the price and round

Tips: you go out to eat at a restrant. The price of your food that you ate was $13.00 (in clouding tax). You leave a 15% tip plus tax. the tip was $1.95.

How you find the tip: you take 0.15 and times it by the number.

Discounts: you go to a store and you see there is a 20% discount on shoes. The pair of shoes you like is $50.00. The discount would be $40.00.

How to find the discount: you take your discount and you find the price. In this case the discount is 20% you times your price and discount (50x20=1000/100=10) you then subtract the price ($50) by the number you just got (50-10=$40) and you get the discount price!

Examples for: Mark ups

You go to a warehouse and buy a few scarves. You buy the scarves for $5. The scarves at the warehouse cost $3. The mark up was 167%

Examples for commission

I am selling hair products for a local company. I make 20% commission off of my sales. I sold $100 in products this week. My check was $20.