The Flourine Terror

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Who Is Ridley?

Ridley is a space pirate who breathes fluorine. He is arch enemies with Samus the Titanium woman.They are arch enemies because Ridley raided the star colony Samus was living in when she was only three. Ridley killed her parents and Samus was the only one who survived the raid.

This Is A Space Pirate

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Ridley's Powers

  • Since Fluorine is the most reactive element he can breath fluorine that will catch on fire.
  • Fluorine is used in Nuclear weapons he can breath fluorine balls that will blow up on contact with any thing.
  • Fluorine is used to strengthen bones so he has a bone knife at the end of his tail that is razor sharp and never gets dull or breaks.
  • He can light his knife tail on fire on command since fluorine is reactive to almost everything.
  • His teeth are razor sharp and never get dull, fall out, or break since fluorine is used to strengthen teeth and slow tooth decay.
  • He can melt most metals with his breath because fluorine is used in welding.
  • If exposed to high levels of light he will glow in the dark.
  • He can control any space pirates with his mind whenever he wants.

This Is What Ridley Looks Like


Fluorine's chemical symbol is F and it has the atomic number of 9 and an atomic mass of 18.998. Fluorine has 9 protons, 9 electrons, and 18 neutrons. Fluorine is an extremely reactive gas. Fluorine also explosively combines with Hydrogen. It's boiling point is at -306.62 degrees fahrenheit It's melting point is at -363.32 degrees fahrenheit. Fluorine was discovered by Andre Ampere and named it Fluorine in 1812. In 1886 it was isolated for the first time by French chemist Henri Moissan. fluorine is used in toothpaste to strengthen teeth and slow tooth decay and can also be used to strengthen bones. Fluorine is also used in Nuclear weapons.