Its everything!!

I am passionate about music because its my dream.I dream about being in my own studio for hours, creating my own music. I can express myself through music, when I'm feeling happy, sad or alone.I would never get bored because I will be doing something I enjoy.Writing my own lyrics is unique to me because its original.I will explore different genres of music like pop but mainly rap or hip hop. I want others to enjoy my music one day.i think music is special because it doesn’t stop at singing or raping.Lots of things are associated with music such as Dancing.Music is my is my outlet.every song I listen to I make a connection with despite if its depressing or uplifting.Thats the special thing about music is that others can make their own personal connection with it.You can bring a person to tears or put a smile on their face with lyrics because music is that powerful.i want to reach out to people if its on a stage or not.I honestly couldn’t care less about the money just my music.i dream about colliding with other talented artists.i know the music Biz is hard and rough but I'm willing to go all the way!

How I became interested in music

i was a little bit older,music was the way i coped with certain situations.Later i realized that music meant much more to me than a coping method.When i was angry or didn't want to talk to anyone i would go to my playlist in my phone and listen.The lyrics spoke louder than the tune in the background.From there i became more and more interested in music so much that i would look up artist and their background on my own time.In 5th grade i wrote my own lyrics in a book, it was like my personal diary.I Went to local boys and girls with my younger cousin. When we finished our homework we were allowed to have free time,Therefore i either play a game of pool or listen to music.Since then my connection with music has been unbreakable.In the beginning of 7th grade i wrote a poem which i performed in front of my 7th grade peers.I felt poetry was good hobby for the most part but had me thinking about more.I figured if i could write my own poetry i could write my own raps so thats what i did.I tried writing my poem and expressing them through rap or hip hop and i enjoyed it a lot,I even got good at free-styling.On snap chat would make a 15 second rap and it would be humorous.My friends saw it the next day they talked about it and said that i did great and they had a great laugh.So continued.