Want a commission? Well you're in luck: we offer every commission possible at a relatively cheap price!

Who is the Artist?

My name is Jewel Rose, although you will often see my characters, Alcyone and Sketch, representing my online persona. Do not fear: I am not a robot. Mostly.

Feel free to check out my deviantArt gallery for more examples of my artwork!

What we Offer


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Terms of Service

  1. No gore, extreme violence, or sex. I will turn away anything disturbing. Sorry, it’s a personal thing.

  2. I might have to turn down or delay some commissions if there is something personal going on.

  3. Since the prices are flat, please pay in advance. RIGHT NOW, points and Paypal are accepted! Your commission will not be uploaded to the public until you have paid.

  4. 1$ = 100 points (for deviantArt users)

  5. Commissions are ALWAYS open! (Unless I say otherwise)

  6. If and when you want one, please note or comment on this (or my deviantArt page) with the links to characters and what you want. Please include a link to a reference or two, and a brief description of what you would like, if you want to be specific.

  7. I like to stay in touch during the process, sending the original sketch and asking questions if necessary. Do not be alarmed.

  8. Some prices may be changed from the sheet, but it will not be significant: maybe a dollar or so difference maximum. This is for complicated designs, or something like animation for pixels.

All characters here belongs to their respected owners, do not copy, trace, or steal