William Cope Moyers


"one evening in 1994, William Cope Moyers was lying flat on his back on the floor of an Atlantic crack house at the end of a Four-day cocaine binge while his father, veteran journalist Bill Moyers, frantically searched for him. In this haunting memoir, William shares the incredible and harrowing story of how he got from there to where he is today-a recovered addict and family man who has dedicated himself to those who continue to struggle with the merciless influence of addictive drugs. candid, shocking, and unforgettable, Broken is a clear-eyed, unromanticized tale that offers hope for all those wrestling with addiction and has already inspired thousands of people to step forward and ask for help." -William Cope Moyers
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author's purpose

The authors purpose in writing this novel was to inform people about the struggle, and effects of addiction. His goal was to persuade his readers to stray far away from drugs for the sake of their own sanity. "I stay sober by staying connected to the living, who remind me the stakes are high." -Moyers
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Concepts, Principles, Techniques

A- To open peoples eyes to the life of recovery. Moyers will spend the rest of his life recovering from addiction.

B- I learned that there is a lot that comes with the recovery process. AA meetings, counseling, staying sober, etc.

C- The only technique really is to recovering is to keep going with the precess forever.


the very last chapter " E-mailing the Dead". In this chapter Moyers does a live speaking on the Larry King show and kinda just tells the truth about what he goes through on a daily basis, and what he will continue to do for the rest of his life. "I feel the emptiness. I listen to the silence, and i am reminded once again that recovery is my life. I want to live."


4, this book really kept me connected as a reader because it felt so real and intense. Felt as though i was William, going through his struggle. I think this is a good book for 12th graders and up because it is a good reminder to stay sober as we grow up and begin experimenting in the real world.


"As long as God watched over me, i was safe." this passage is inspiring because even after all the struggle God put William through, he was still his guardian through it all.

"I don't walk around depressed or anything, and i definitely don't hate myself anymore. But i do seem to take a certain amount of comfort in wallowing in the mire, dumping mud on myself-you know, feeling sorry for myself because i have this 'affliction.' " this passage is very powerful because he know hes happy now but the flashbacks take over at times and bring him back to the horrible time in his life.

Why was it surprising?

What surprised me the most was that Moyers ended up very content with his life in the end. After all the struggle, And all the friends and family that he hurt, he made his way out of the abyss and into a new world with new perspectives on life. He faced addiction and made it out alive. he now has a beautiful family, and new priorities. I cant imagine that kind of struggle, and then to end up as if you were reborn with a second shot at life.
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