English 12B

Senior Seminar at Groves High School

A class built for you, by you. Time to GET CURIOUS.

“The most important advances, the qualitative leaps, are the least predictable.”

–Martin Rees

Essential Course Questions

  • How are curiosity and literacy essential for living a full life?
  • How does an individual pursue his/her own interests?

  • What are the steps involved in conducting qualitative and quantitative research?

  • How does a researcher evaluate and interpret findings and adjust the research process accordingly?

  • Why and how does a researcher publish and present his/her learning?

Texts We Might Study

Sample Project Ideas

  • Pursue a personal interest or skill [managing a restaurant, flying an airplane, rebuilding a car, writing a symphony]

  • Create/Enhance a support program [BBBS, Links, Kickoff Mentors/Freshman Final Review]

  • Produce a TED talk

  • Connect two areas of interest [physics and music; astrology and psychology]

  • Analyze a body of writing of a particular author/genre

  • Prepare a dramatic reading of a play, with character analyses

  • Write an original work [short story, collection of poems, essays, op-eds]

  • Prepare a workshop for a Parent Camp, Edcamp, Optimists Club, Detroit TEDx, or similar event