Tech Tips Tuesday

Randomness of Hints

Need a weird character?

Go to this website, and click on the symbol it will automatically copy it for you and then go back to your document and paste it (right click paste, or control + v).


This a really great resources for math and literacy. I used this website often it has math videos and worksheets that go along with it. It's a free website that is developed by the University of Northern Iowa so a lot of videos and worksheets mention Iowa places.

The Literacy section is broken down into Read, Write, Listen, Speak, and View sections

The Math section is broken down domains Numbers, Algebra, Statistics, Measurement and Geometry.


This website is awesome and works on the chromebooks. You can build your own Jeopardy games or you can search already made games. The benefit of this website is that it works on chromebooks. I broke my class into groups and they played the game in groups of 4 so everyone got a chance to participate.

Extension: CheckerPlus

I have used this one before but this allows you to look into your drive from a pop up window without actually having to have drive open. I am guilty of having drive open in multiple tabs when I am working and this really eliminates that.