Freak the Mighty


Freak the Mighty

The book Freak the Mighty is about two boys who don't fit in with what society believes is perfect. They are two, very opposite people who fit together very well. They get along for the most part, and basically make a good team. Kevin, or freak, is a small boy who has a big brain. Max, or mighty, is a big boy that everybody but freak is afraid of. The title of this book applies to real life because people feel like they dont belong.

Man vs. Society

Man vs. Society relates to the Isolation theme because it's one person(or two) against what feels like the whole world. Freak and Max are very singled out and everybody treats them very differently than how they treat 'normal' people. Society to me and most people is an unrealistic expectation on how people should be. Freak and Max know they're not living up to those expectations, but learn to not care so much.

Freak vs. Max

Freak and max are very different, but still get along very well. Freak is very intelligent where Max could care less about books and things. Obviously their appearances are very opposite. Freak is scrawny and short, while Max is hefty and quite tall.