The Hunger Games

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The Tributes

How I Got Interested.

My personal interest, well it's more like an addiction. But anyway is The Hunger Games series. I got interested in this trilogy when I first watched the movie. I have heard about it before and it seemed interesting, but when I watched it I fell in love. It was so me. I can't even explain how much I love this movie and book series. The reason why I got so interested in this topic is because it has all my favourite kind of movie combined. It has a little bit of romance and comedy. Who doesn't love a good Rom-Com? It also has a splash of a thriller and loads of action!

About The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games is about a teenage girl who is sent to an arena to fight to the death on live TV with 24 other tributes, but only one victor comes out. Katniss tricks the Capitol and the star-crossed lovers of District 12 win together. But back home in District 12 Katniss has another person she loves. Gale, her friend, ally, hunting partner. On this journey she meets a young boy who she has encountered in her early days. Throughout this hard fight Peeta the young boy and Katniss slowly fall in love after Peeta announced he loved her on live TV. It is up to Katniss to win the games for her little sister Prim and pick between the two people she holds so closely to her heart. Katniss has a symbol. She is the Mockingjay!
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