The Quest to be Perfect.

Excuse me, WILL you direct me to the best place for a poor man to live?

Somewhat free of established churches, Debts, unreasonable taxes, controlling military/ war and feudal control Pennsylvania would gain reputation for being the “best poor mans country”. Even though still far from perfection like we had hoped, we still were most suitable for immigrants and posterity. That’s something to set the tone for future progression and evolution!

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Pennsylvania Home of the Diverse

Quake! What greater man to found our country than William Penn. He stood for everything our colony was grounded upon. We delivered promise of economic opportunities as well as religious tolerance. Why wouldn’t you want to live in a city named after Brotherly Love! We displayed this theme proudly and put it in to practice by creating great relationships with the Indians. We were also diverse as a colony was during that time period. We had a variety of different communities, religion and language. Although this plan seemed to be the perfect one, it had its conspiracies and problems as well. I mean sure any one could go wherever they wanted but people usually go where they fit and feel most comfortable which creates levels of economic diversities and/or hierarchies. Mainly because people moved where they felt was most profitable. This was just the beginning of inequality in Pennsylvania. Although they were mostly self sustained many of the European immigrants were in debt to Britain upon arrival because of the fee they had to pay to board a voyage to America forcing most of them to work to pay that off. Also we were populated with indentured servant and eventually slaves. Even in my colony where morality was a huge debate when it came to slavery, we couldn’t miss out on the opportunity of rapid gain and production that only they could enhance!

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