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What Is Media

What is Media? Media could be like Social Media; where people have access to find any information or item they learned. It’s either having meeting out in public is a media, because you’re having a conversation with other people. Another could be a club, and people join together, and make goals for themselves. We have people who are nosey people who want to know what’s going on now-a-days, but others find out information about gossip or the latest trend. Some others look-up information about how to do this, how to do that? It’s crazy how social media works out. Even to this every day, people are making even big and better technology which could be more advanced with towards us. Now, Social Media are still basically about news, but it’s only through internet. There are thousands of user’s accounts to view social network sets where things pop up for top, where they can post any info or share things with their friends. So what’s Media literature you’ve asked? Well, in my opinion it has to relate with anyone about books, novels, newspapers, anything that involve with news back in the old days where there wasn’t TV outlet, or radio station. It was all by hand, written words that people go out there and witness of how the world really works. Back then, newspaper became so much popular than it was now since we’re in a new century, and now have better tools to creator new inventions. Timing belt replacement on 2001 pt cruiser timing belt replacement on 2001 pt cruiser
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Stop This Madness!

We're human you, and I. We're not any more less than that. We should all be treated the same. It dont matter if you're black, white, asian, lndian, or latino. We all have rights to stand, speak, and believewhat we believe in. What im trying to explain here is; Poilce Brutality. We're the citizens of the Untied States of America, we should have police forces protecting us not against us! We should be able to trust them to protect our family, kick off bad guys off the streets, show a better imaged towards the little kids. But instead, these " so called police men" is going way under hand. Now they assume everyone is a criminal in their eyes. This is an a outage world we live in now. Even to this day, we have some police officer still hitting innocent people for literally for no reason! And the sad part is that it doesnt matter who are you, a child a teen or an a adult... I dont want my own kids getting hurt by someone who thinks the police is suppose to protect them. Like what? I'm so scary too see some groups of officers because they'll give you bad vibs if they look at you kind of funny. So, who will i need from someone if i need any help? Or who can i trust now-a-days? Ha, surely not them if their top command orders tough If you can hear what i telling you now about what's going on in the world. Then stand besides me, follow my lead and let speak out to the world & remind it that this isn't normal for this to keep continuing to us. What if this might get even worster? What if we dont make a change? What if this still continuing on happening if we dont say anything? Lets remind them how to do their job the right and the right action to do so.
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Too Many Cops Too Little Justice.

Saturday, Nov. 8th, 5:30pm

Atlanta, GA, United States

Atlanta, GA

Come one, Come all!

Is this really how we live?

The world is coming too an end; This is how we live. The people are brainwashed of what's around them. We have people turning them into a psycho path and hurting other citizens for no reason because their minds are blown out of their head about now. Then we have kids all over here using cellphones, spending their time on devices. Next we have people watching so much tv, new, or movies and be hallucinating with the cartoons or customs they see on tv. We had that one crime where a guy from New York went into a movie theater, thinking he was "Batman or The Joker?" And playing around in this fantasy mind they made. We need to stop this! We need to open our eyes and look out for our people, we have becoming selfish, and harsh towards the people around us. This whole technology devices stuff is really too much. We see things online that are so depressing and upsetting views you can see on the internet. Like things going on in Africa where they don't have food or any clean water, they need help and needed supplies to make them survive their lifestyle. And people can see it pretty much anywhere! Through their friends, social media, the news, and the globe. But sadly we have those kind of people who is so shading and rude and only care about them self. Its really sad just by thinking about it..People In the untied state of America are just too selfish, some don't want to give money or a helping hand towards the people who don't really have much to live for..i think we should have a better heart than what we have right now.
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Powerful Spoken Word Of The Week: The World Is Coming To An End!

Course Reflection

Grace Meza

Ms. Hick

12 CP lit

12 December 2014

Entry #5

What have I learn this quarter of this semester? Well to be honest I hardly remember most of them, in a way I felt like we didn’t really do much in the classroom, but in the other hand we actually did. I’m surly did know that we’ve watch so many videos and movies just were very interesting really, I like the one we watch the “V for vendetta movie” which it was relating the social groups and how it can take over your life if you don’t do something about it. It was a good movie to watch in class and a better understanding how the media was trying to work things out and secret towards it. I’ve Learn that what’s been going around the world, the news, the drama that has been happening in these few years that maybe not anyone heard about it in the news. One example when My Teacher Ms. Hick was telling her student class mate that the governments and high top generals had a meeting and explain what happen to this girl who got shot in the head when all she wanted some education and she wanted to go to school like the rest of the kids. And I use she got notice about getting shot in the face and the government gave her millions of money for her given speech that she made about her getting shot. I think that honestly the most crazies thing I’ve heard that this little girl almost die from a gunshot in the face all because of school? If I was her I would be so scared and not go to school so I won’t get shot in the face I rather live for the life I have right now then lose it over something I couldn’t get it in the first place, I don’t know that’s my opinion.

There were some things that taking me away from class that is pretty much true in the outside world was social media. Or in the Talk Ted movie we watched this video of this white male telling his story about a secret service that the government was going to do towards us or other people. What he saw wasn’t pleasant, he went on and told people he knew and of course it was spreading around to person to person. And the government people heard it that their own team-member release the secret news, they were going to kill him for that. So he went off to a different country to save his life. So he got interview in the talk in ted show, and it was a computer that walked in with his face on it, it was so weird and crazy because he’s afraid to go back to the U.S because he knew that the government are looking for him and want to him of releasing these important information, now that the citizens of the United States knows the news even the whole globe knows it.

This class was a whole lot different than my other three language arts classes this year. I was somewhat expecting more working in here like every other classes too, but we hardly did anything in here that’s why I couldn’t remember my first assignment of the first day of school. But I really liked this class because surprising we didn’t had so many testes or quizzes it was mostly a chill, relaxing day every single day when I come too 3rd. But somehow we should have done more homework, or class work because having so much relaxing day got so boring I couldn’t help it but sleep and sometimes I don’t want come to class because we basically didn’t do much. So I guess you can say I like it because there was no homework every single day, quizzes, or testes. But then again we should so it could raise my grades even higher comparing too now where we’re barely doing anything and failing this class, and this class is an easy A.

The most experience class in the last four years of my high school days was pretty much my junior year in language arts class. It affects me the most because back in freshman year, I was carless about grades and I had okay grades but not the grades I wanted to have. Then comes too sophomore year I was getting a little more mature but still had my grade okay, I mean I made good B’s but in language was a C, and I never wanted them a C, I would always tell myself “Grace you need to stop fooling around, grow up now!” “If you want to make better grades, then be a man about your words!” Then sophomore year come alone I did somewhat better than I did last year to be honest. I was happy but sadly I use made a bit bad choices and got some C’s in some classes. So then came junior year I became more mature and more focus towards school work and see how very important it is to make good grades to go into college. So this year I’m doing way much better than the last three years I did in some of my classes back in when I didn’t care about my grade.

What could have been different coming from taken this British Lit 12th grade course was, and I can’t believe I’m saying this but, we should have had more like class work or have quizzes, but easy quizzes daily so it would help people to raise their grades up like me. Or take some tests here or there. But other than that this class wasn’t even bad at all. I don’t know how people are failing this class so poorly, it was pretty much do your works turn them in and that’s in. This class wasn’t really much to worried about until now, having grades in before its completely over with!

Pale-Blue Dot video

Grace Meza

Ms. Hick

12 CP Lit

12 December 2014

Entry #6

My thought towards the video was just outranges, what it was talking about is totally heartbreaking and so true that our world it is very precious to us, but we have those types of people who just can’t get along with other different ethnic people. They always have to start a war with somebody, they don’t think about us, of how we feel towards the hatred they have against each other. They don’t understand that all this bombing and tanks destroy towns and people they’re basically hurting earth’s surface of its mankind.

The only “mark” I want to leave this earth is love. Love is a beautiful thing that can happen to anyone and everyone it brings joys and happiness into people’s faces. It brings my mood up because no one likes to be down to the ground feeling sad or have hatred. But into today’s society there are still wars going on between us, we have our braves soldiers dying four our country, wives crying their eyes out all because of their man’s getting kill. And what news that the government or general tells those wives? Oh I’m sorry for your loss ma’am, and hand them a flag like nothing happens or don’t have anything to say back. Like really, that’s not right having someone who cared for other and love them very deeply and one thing after another they’re gone forever all just because the government want to win the battle? So careless at all, we all need love around us, no more hatred or fighting or anymore violence going around us, we don’t need it.

I kind of want to live here my home called World, but lately what’s been going around is so scary, deadly, and violence people. I just want to run away and probably want to live in Pluto, since just the sound of it sounds so cute but however Pluto does not exist. So I’ll just stick to earth for right now and tried to changes it so many ways to make a better and more humble place called home, then I rather stay here and fix these entire mistake that happen in the first place.

Pale Blue Dot - Carl Sagan