Learning Lab Opportunity

Your Invitation to Participate

Goals of a Student - Centered Learning Lab

  • To get into each other’s classrooms and learn alongside one another.
  • To focus on improving the achievement of our students.
  • To use student observations/evidence to determine where the students are in their learning.
  • To build a community of teachers who are skilled at analyzing student evidence to make decisions that best support student learning.

Information about the Labs

  • You will have two different labs to choose to participate in: Lorena's ELL LA's Class and Noah's 5th grade Math Class.
  • Learning labs are not designed for content specific only participants - anybody can participate.
  • Subs will cover your classes while you attend.
  • Limited spots available

What is a Learning Lab?

  • Learning labs create a framework for teachers to get into each other’s classrooms and learn alongside one another in a highly facilitated manner.

  • Student-centered data is the focus of the observation. The teacher will share student indicators or “look for’s”.

  • Most learning labs occur over a half day time frame or less. This includes a pre-brief, observation, and debrief. Time can be creative and work with the needs of the teachers participating, such as before/after school for the pre-brief and debrief.

  • Learning labs are safe, collegial, and productive by using a protocol to make sure the learning lab goes according to plan. Protocols scaffold thinking and conversations to ensure depth while honoring each member of the group. Note-taking tools and agreed upon norms are also useful tools to scaffold the learning lab process.

  • The most effective learning labs are connected to ongoing learning because they often trigger questions and requests for support for teachers. At the end of a learning lab, the facilitator works with the group to determine how ongoing support can be provided if desired.

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