Snowy Owls

what do owls eat?

The owls favorite food is lemmings. they will also eat other food like rabbits, rodents, birds, and fish. The adult snowy owl will eat up to 1600 lemmings a year. Every once in a while, even though they live in cold places like in the north part of Canada, there is a time where there is a shortage of food they will fly south to look for more food.

baby owls

snowy owls will have up to 11 eggs but it depends on how much food there is when there is little food they will only have about three or four eggs and if there is even less food they might not even mate at all. As the males get older their feathers will get whiter, but the females are darker and they never become completely white while the males can

a few more facts

a snowy owls height can get up to 20-28 in. their wingspan can get up to 4.2-4.8 ft. their weight can total up to 3.5-6.5 lbs. their feet/talons have lots of feathers to protect them from the harsh cold.
Snowy Owl Rescue & Release - Cape Wildlife Center

science specifics

owls are ovivipary and endothermic. Unlike other owls snowy owls are diurnal.