katherine jose conner

Orion's belt

One of the most things you can see on Orion is the belt. On Orion's belt their are three main stars. Their names are Alnitak, Alnilam, and Mintaka. after the three main stars on the belt their are 7 main stars . Did you know that most of Orion's stars can make a super nova and explode.

when Orion is visible

Orion is visible on November 10 at 9 pm - the end of April at 9 pm

the myth about Orion

Orion grew into a great hunter. He fell in love with Artemis the moon goodness her brother got mad at her because she was spending time Orion it was her job to guided the moon across the sky. She began to neglect her job. Orion and Scorpius had a great battle and in the end both had been killed.