PAM Indo 2015 > 2016 [offshore]

Some prxyer points for the coming weeks

This edition will detail some of what Bruce has been doing.

  • Looking back on 2015.
  • Looking towards the January - February time.
  • Lowing forward to 2016.

Looking back in 2015.

For me Bruce the year has meant:

  • Keep my business alive and on the right side of the bottom line. Gxd has been good it has been a great year workwise.
  • Daily/weekly contact with the teams and individuals in Indo. Conversations, mentoring, coaching sits along side my 3 face to face in-country trips.
  • Growing involvement with the Friends of Friends Fellowship [FFF] a growing gathering of Mxslim background believers [MBB] and their friends. It is all about talking together over food and fellowship.
  • Significant time supporting 17 differing individuals most from Mxddle Eastern countries all holding open work permits to secure permanent employment in NZ. This opens doors to conversations that go beyond CV's and cover letters.

January and February in-country.

The schedule is simple, city by city over several weeks.

Arriving in Bxndung via Melbourne and KL to catch up with Lidya and Reiza and complete some office days together. The annual report and significant SDC resources need to be completed.

I then relocate to a closed city on one of the big islands [I have been their once before]. This time to follow up with a groups of believers and the work of the team from St Chxd's in Auckland to formalise the establishment of a SDC grouping. Several of the believers who are professional located in the city are at the point where an organised approach through PAM to R > T > S > S and S TM persons in that region.

Please prxy !!!

Following this I move on again to the second largest city where the SDC grouping has completed 3 trainings and has started the process of sending. Based on the resources that Lidya has developed I want to work alongside of these SDC folk to mature the processes of S > S > S such that each person sent is able to bare fruit.

From this point I drop in on the popular island and meet up with the team working in this different setting to again encourage and support the processes of S > T > S > S > S with the goal of 10 being sent in 2016. My role to coach, mentor and support so that person by person these skills can be learnt and passed on to those living and working as professional at the coalface.

Travel continues as I relocate to a Uni city where I am based for several days to be able to connect into the surrounding cities.

The pattern is the same as in each city a team of SDC exist who have been involved in PAM training. The next steps being that of selection and sending with a base of prxer support.

My typical days is breakfast meeting, mid morning conversation, lunch meeting and then an evening event and meeting but the conversation is very much the same.

  • How to select ?
  • How to send ?
  • How to support a TM person ?
  • How to keep recruiting ?
  • How to keep training ?

My final days in these parts are with an intercity youth event for maybe 1000 believers talking about the need, the call and the actions. From this event I pray that MANY will commit to being trained and sent.

I then relocate to another very large city to repeat all of what I have outline above but this time connecting back with Football Plus and starting to plan the Bxunei outreach for late March.

The final few days of my time I drop in on the country team who have all come together to one city for a time of support and prxyer.

Please uphold me in prxyer day by day throughout these weeks.

Looking forward to 2016

  • All of the above continues.
  • KICS Ltd has 2 strong anchor clients and a full portfolio of work, yeah !!!!
  • PAM Indo daily, weekly will continue.
  • PAM Brxnei at the end of March will happen.
  • CV job search support will continue.
  • FFF involvement will expand as I work alongside Paul C and as Bruce & Robin pray about their future jobs, location and the like as one comes to that point in life.

Thankyou for the ongoing prxyer support

Thankyou for the gifts which make all this possible