1G Weekly News

September 19, 2014

Notes and Updates

Hi parents,

This week we have continue to push ourselves to do our best. The students have reached their goal of 10 minutes of stamina and made it to 11 minutes!!! Make sure to congratulate your child. They also have been learning to be better turn and talk partners, as well as began learning to partner read. In writing, students are learning to write longer and add more details. We have also have been focusing on the number line and learning to do tally marks.

During this week their reading folders were sent home. Students have chosen books that they should be able to read with ease. They have practiced these books at school. On Wednesday they will not get new books because they should be reading their library books. Also on Thursday they will not receive books because it is the weekend and can read books from home. Next week homework will be due the following Sunday because the students do not have school on Thursday.

If there are any problems with students ASA programs or travels please contact Zach McCabe at zmccabe@asd.edu.qa. I will be happy to hep as much as possible, but Zach is in charge of all ASA programs and will have all the information you need.

Scroll down to read about what we will be learning next week and important dates and information for next week. Also visit my blog at http://skeane1g.blogspot.com/.


Shannon Keane

A Peek at the Week Ahead

Special Announcements

NO School on Thursday September 25th!

No School

Thursday, Sep. 25th, 8am-3pm

American School, Doha, Qatar

Doha, Doha