All About Barbados!

By: Autumn Englehart

Basic Information

Barbados is a beautiful island located north of Venezuela. The capital of Barbados is Bridgetown. The leader of the country is Freundel staurt. The currency is Barbadian Dollars (BBD) and the official language is English but some Barbadian people speak Bajan. Enjoy your trip to Barbados!


Barbados was once controlled by Great Britain. It finally gained independence on November 30, 1966. It is now its own counntry/ island above Venezuela.

Cities and physical features

some major cities in Barbados are Holetown, Bathsheba, The Crane, and Speightstown.

Some physical features are Mt. Hillaby, Jose River, and Hackletons Cliff.

Political Information

Barbados has a representative Democratic Government. It's leader is Freundel Stuart.

Visiting information

People should visit Barbados because it is the most wealthiest country in the eastern Caribbean. When you get there, you should visit the underground caves, the Flower Forest, and you should swim with the turtles.