Mr. Maltbia's Class

Mealworm Mania


Hello parents, this science unit your child will be working with insects to explore life cycles and food chains. Your child will receive a Tenebrio molitor, a mealworm, to care for and observe. This insect is not poisonous or aggressive in any manner. This insect is not native to the Texas area, therefore, please refrain from releasing them.

Who Studies Mealworms?

Those that study our mealworms are called Entomologists! This means, a person that studies insects. Two famous entomologists are Julio Bernal, an associate professor of entomology at Texas A & M and Nancy Greig, the director of the Brown Hall of Entomology at the Natural Science Museum.

What Good Are Entomologists?

Entomologists are important because they study the contributions that insects make to our world. With insects, we can have fields of flowers, apple orchards, major food sources for poverty stricken areas, and much more.

Entomologists routinely work with other scientists to study how insect populations affect our world.

Can You Be An Entomologist?

If being an entomologist interests you, ask yourself if you have a natural curiosity, are not afraid of insects, and whether or not you enjoy being outdoors.