Benefits of Recycling

By Conner Packebush

Recycling, What Happened?

Everyone remembers when recycling was a big thing, but over the years it has faded to the background. Other new, more "in your face" problems have appeared to take it's place. Just because this happened doesn't mean that recycling is any less of an issue, in fact, it makes it more of one. The problem is that without recycling our earth is just getting worse. All our landfills are almost all, well, "Filled", and burning trash destroys the air. All this makes it seem like we are in dire straits, but you can help.

What You Can Do To Help

In Your Area

There are things you can do to help the environment. Recycling will help keep trash out of landfills and help the environment. You can also help by picking up litter to keep it out of the animals food system. Cleaning up the ocean or sending money to organizations will help exponentially. These are all just small things you can do to help the environment, so start recycling today.