Irish Immigration To Australia

GSM program and Irish immigration to Australia

Irish Immigration To Australia

Irish Immigration To Australia might seem like a dream come true for an Irish. Australia expects all migrants to get Visa for Australia from Ireland which mean the initial step in moving to Australia is getting through the paperwork. Once prospective migrants get visa approval from the Australian Govt, they can proceed to travel arrangements. Reservation of flights, housing and way of travel in advance requires time, however these ways help make the transition to Australia as comfortable as possible with Immigration Website as well as with the Arranging flights, housing and way of travel in advance will take time, however these methods make the transition to Australia as comfortable as possible with Immigration Website or with the help of Immigration attorneys.

Australia has seen as the largest revision of immigration laws in almost 65 years. The Citizenship Bill can make it tougher to become an Australian resident by increasing the period of time immigrants must spend in Australia from 2 to 4 prior to being eligible for citizenship. At present, the Australian Govt is also thinking about introducing a few alterations to the General Skilled Migration program which may impact the flow on of Irish immigration to Australia. The Bill also requires a test to evaluate an immigrant's knowledge of English and Australian values, such as democracy, the rule of law and the equality of men and women.

One of the greatest changes to the General Skilled Migration program is the future removal of the Critical Skills List and a large reduction to the Skilled Occupation List. This might mean that Irish individuals who wish to transition over to Australia as hairstylists and chefs could only be able to access regional sponsored migration in some states.

Moreover, the Australian Govt is also currently evaluating the point testing system to the GSM program. Presently, you must have 120 points to be able to make an application under the GSM subclass 885 program. The points are determined by the applicant’s age, nominated profession and Australian education requirement. One of the subjects under review is the fact that the existing point testing system doesn't give points for candidates with high quality education level from overseas; rather it provides more points for Australian vocational programs.

During the application procedure and until your arrival in Australian Immigration and Customs, you will have to show some important documents. This Include a valid visa, passport, originals of birth, medical, marriage and work records data.

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