Mrs. Markle's First Grade News

September 2014

Parent Information

It has been so fun getting to know your children. We are off to a great start. Please keep the following dates in mind:

Book Order Due - October 10th - You can order on-line or send in the paper form to me with a check made out to Scholastic. No cash please!

Team Time Begins on October 6.


This month we have been focusing on short a and short i. The students are off to a great start with their spelling and sight words. They have also been writing stories including an "I can..." story and a story about how they help out at home. In order to help your child become a better reader and writer, remember to read to them, with them, and in front of them as much as possible.

We are also reviewing handwriting. Please make sure that your child practices their spelling words using the correct letter formation. See the back of the homework folder for help.


In math we have been practicing counting by 1's, 2's, 5's, and 10's. We have also been exploring some of our math tools such as pattern blocks, place value blocks, etc. We have been playing a few games and started working in our workbook.

iPads and Apps

We have been using several apps in our classroom this month. The students LOVE using the iPads. In the photo below you can see the apps we have been learning. Letters is a great app for writing words. You can use this for one of your tic-tac-toe acitvities for homework or for practicing sight words. Doodle Buddy is kind of like a whiteboard for the iPad. You could also use this for a spelling activity. Geoboards is a fun math shape app. Pic Collage can be used for lots of different projects.

All of these apps are free, so if you are interested, download and start using them!

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Apple Day!

On September 26th we celebrated Johnny Appleseed's birthday, We went to all of the first grade classrooms to work on different activities. In Mrs. Cohen's class we played an apple tree sight word game. In Mrs. Dectis' class, we made graphs of the apples we brought in. In Mrs. Markle's class, we wrote apple poems and made an apple core craft. It was so much fun! See the picture above for our silly apple faces!