Ms. Brimmell's Second Grade Class

SCPA Newsletter 9-17-16

Mark Your Calendar:

  • Sept. 23: Scholastic Book Orders Due
  • Sept. 23: Spirit Wear Day
  • Oct. 3: Picture Day
  • Oct. 19: Marathon/Spirit Wear Day
  • Oct. 20-25: No School MEA Break

Setting Goals with Your Child

This week, students will begin setting their "ABC" goals. Each student will be bringing home their goal sheet on the back of their planner sheet on Monday. Please take some time with your child to pick their first set of goals. The academic goal should have to do with their learning such as practicing math facts or spelling words. The behavior goal should have to do with something in their behavior they should work on, such as getting their homework done right away or filling out their planner sheet. The character goal should have to do with something in their character they should work on, such as respecting their friends, showing self control during learning time, or being responsible with their things. Second graders will be reflecting on these goals daily and revising goals when needed.

A Peak At Our Week!

Language Arts:

This week we began our Imagine It reading unit on kindness. We have also continued to build our stamina while reading and writing independently. This week we met our reading goal of 20 minutes! Our first Imagine It test took place Friday and it was teacher guided. Lastly, we took our first spelling test on Friday.


This week we began our poetry unit. We first reviewed nouns, verbs and adjectives as they are an essential part to writing poetry. After, we learned about cinquain poems which use verbs and adjectives to describe a subject as well as an alliteration poem which use a noun, verb and adjective. Students wrote and published both types!

Social Studies:

This week in Social Studies we completed our map unit. Students were able to successfully identify all 7 continents and 5 oceans as well as identify and describe many different landforms such as valleys, bays and prairies. Our unit test was on Friday.


Ms. Brimmell: Ms. Brimmell's math class has been working hard to follow a daily math routine and successfully complete homework each night. This week our lesson topics included number lines, telling time using the terms "quarter to" "half past" and "quarter after" as well as identifying patterns within numbers.

Ms. Winger: Ms. Winger's math class has been working hard! Lesson topics this week included months of the year, using a calendar for looking at the week before and week ahead, and telling time using quarter hours. Students have also been working hard following daily math routines such as filling out their planner sheet and checking in homework.

Mrs. Jensen: Mrs. Jensen’s math class has been working on months of the year, reading calendars, skip counting, and number lines. In addition to these concepts, we are learning how to effectively problem solve. We have settled into a good routine in the classroom and we are working hard to remember to complete and return homework everyday. Please remember to check the planner sheet for the math homework that is due the following school day.

Ask Your Child:

  • What is a noun? verb? adjective?
  • How can we show kindness to others?
  • What does it mean to "get a taste of your own medicine"?
  • What time is it? (Encourage your child to tell time and identify if it is a.m or p.m.)

A Look Into Next Week!

Next week we will continue to build reading and writing stamina. We will begin to learn about our Daily 6 rotations which will occur during guided reading. In Writing we will continue our poetry unit. During Social Studies we will begin our new unit on the geography of North and South America.
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