Parent Weekly Newsletter #2

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From Leslie, Director

We are officially at the SIG-Princeton halfway point. Students are working diligently on film projects and research presentations. We’re seeing drafts of amazing stories and anticipating days of brain dissection and choreography of Broadway numbers. The energy of the camp remains vibrant as students participated in Minute To Win It and Reverse Scavenger Hunt competitions last night. Whitman Dining Hall and the Quad were filled with rousing cheers of friendly competition and team spirit. Students are anticipating Talent Show auditions this week and everyone is getting excited for the real roulette tables and slot machines coming in for our extra special Casino Night on Friday as well as for riding some of the tallest, fastest, scariest amusement park rides at Six Flags Great Adventure. The final week will come way too quickly! Please take note of all the special event times and locations to which we warmly welcome parents: The Talent Show, Academic Showcase, and the Final Ceremony. Official departure day is Saturday, 8/16 from 8 a.m. to 12pm. If you anticipate bringing your son or daughter home before that time, please call our office (609-258-0665) so we can make sure to have you on our early departure list. Thank you, as always, for sharing your young people with us this summer!

From Joanna and Kheshana, Academic Deans

Here we are already half way through SIG 2014! As we look around campus, we see wonderful learning experiences taking place. The campers are solving complex problems by constructing water filters, and flotation devices, discovering Fibonacci sequence in nature by touring Princeton’s Botanical Gardens, and even learning more ways to identify individuals via unique characteristics outside of just the fingerprint. Soon many of our campers will be performing dissections, dialoging with renowned astrophysicists, taking on the role of dieticians and even collaborating to create and perform unique pieces for the entire SIG family! Thank you so much for allowing us the opportunity to shape the young minds and hearts of your children. They are growing in leaps and bounds from the opportunity to interact with each other in the varied, stimulating, and challenging learning environments. They have already wow'ed their instructors with the level of enthusiasm and pleasant demeanor they exhibit during classes. We look forward to experiencing the final products of all their diligent work!

From Sean, Residential Dean

As we are now into week 2 of our three week camp, I can honestly say what a privilege it has been to get to know all of your kids. Everywhere we go, our camp has displayed incredible behavior when compared to the much smaller camps around us.

The kids have been well mannered to all campus staff, respectful of all Princeton property, and overall fantastic students. You can see friendships developing every night during quad time and rec hour. Groups of students break out into impromptu musical groups singing songs while others strum away on a guitar. Other groups of students form their own groups, studying, playing board games, throwing a football around or going to play their daily game of soccer.

So far, residential life has been smooth with kids acting like independent college students, getting used to laundry, roommates and shared bathrooms. Lights out has been smooth with students getting used to the idea of getting enough sleep to handle their academic day.

From Wade, Student Activities

The fun never stops here at SIG Princeton!! This past Friday, our popular Brain Bowl competition had an exciting overtime sudden death question at the end of the final round. The competition was fierce but always friendly.
On Saturday, our students enjoyed an insightful few hours at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia. Afterwards, the Cherry Hill Mall was bombarded with 300 teens all ready to spend a little cash. Sunday was a little less structured with students being able to sleep in a little later and hang out in the quad. After lunch, we went on a "Princeton Tiger" photo scavenger hunt that produced some really great pictures. After the jaunt around campus, the students were rewarded with a Rita's Ice party back in the quad.
This week, our activities include the very fun and competitive Minute to Win It activity, our weekly Nassau Street excursion, the fancy Casino night, and the trip everyone looks forward to...SIX FLAGS!


Student Talent Show - Sunday, August 10th at 7:30pm in McCosh 50

Academic Showcase - Thursday, August 14th at 7:30pm in McCosh 50

Final Program - FRIDAY, August 15th at 4:45 in McCosh 50
*please note: the date and time of the final program is a change from previous years.