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Joey Atlas Reviews - Can solve cellulite?

Winter diets rich in fat and high energy foods are reflected in the uneven complete set. Learn some ways to get rid of excess subcutaneous fat deposits and orange skin. With a little effort your hot figure objects enviable views of your friends and mobilize many men eyes.

Problems with cellulite, which is due to dietary habits and lifestyles more and more women, are of epidemic proportions. Orange skin most often occurs on the buttocks, hips and thighs.

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The development of fat accumulation is performed by cellulite, for which almost every woman suffers. Mentioned factors, the occurrence of cellulite can we add, genetic factors, hormonal changes and increased body weight. On the market you can find many methods for removing cellulite, but neither method does not serve the long-term results.

Lotions and cream

There are many lotions and creams that reduce cellulite. The content of products includes a number of components such as: retinal, antioxidants, plant extracts, caffeine...

Anti-cellulite product only reduces the problems incurred by the hydration of the skin and reduce any swelling of the skin. It should be noted that the solution is not permanent.

Fat Injections

Tautologous fat injection, with the goal of reducing cellulite, cellulite inserted into the affected region. Also, this method is not effective and does not provide prolonged removal of cellulite.

Vegetable diet supplements

Various studies assume that a little plant and Dietetic supplements reduce cellulite layer. U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) do not have a single plant or diet products, to solve problems with cellulite.


It is the best and most effective method of elimination of cellulite. The therapy is inserted a round, hollow tube, which slides through the fat, as well as by using a strong vacuum cleaner sucks.


Exercise is definitely the cheapest and most effective fat reduction method.