Per. 4 - Team 3


JC Camp of Wood

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Marker A: Base Camp/Office

We chose this place where the base camp is because it is in a clear field which means that we do not have to cut down any of the trees. It is also there because we can get water from the river and it is close to all the attractions.

Marker B: Hiking

There are two hiking trails. Springhill trail and and Rockymountain trail. Springhill is 5 miles long. The peak of the trail is 1700 ft and is on plains. Rockymountain trail is a challenging trail for people who likes a rush and a challenge. Rockymountain trail is 4 miles long and is along mountains for the challenge.

Marker C: Canoeing/Rafting/Kayaking

Guests can also enjoy a long and peaceful canoe ride along the Mancos River. The whole family can come on this beautiful canoe ride in the canyon. The river extends for 14 miles of great fun! The elevation is 5850 ft above sea level.

Marker D: Ziplines

There is many ziplines extending across the canyon. Tourists will experience a fun and entertaining ride across the canyon. Riders MUST be 9 years or older. The zipline extends for half a mile. The ziplines are eco-friendly and will attract the attention of tourists. The reason why we decided to make the zipline here is because they will be able to have a stunning view of the canyon.