2015 Year Review

Alexander Lawrence Nunez

three companies marketed themselves the best


Apple boomed this year with their plethora of innovative and creative products. To include the ground shaking Apple Watch, they dominated the technology world and proved just why they are one of the best companies out in todays world.


Wal-Mart being the global power house they are had a extremely profiting year in 2015. Through how they marketed everyday products that everyone wants in such a appealing way. Putting them on my list of top companies that marketed themselves.


Nike used their enormous amount of athletes and fan base to market themselves well this year. Having a huge increase in sales and keeping their place on the throne of sports wear and professional athletes.

Two of the best prodcuts of 2015

Apple Watch

Coming out in the fall of 2015 this new product shocked the world. It incorporated the future of technology across the world with its new functions and abilities. Making it the top most sold product in 2015 and the most anticipated model for the new year.

Xbox One

Xbox One was again one of the most sold and played consul in North America this year. Having a big boom in sales during Christmas time and always producing games that all consumers want. The Xbox One has truly become a house hold name in the gaming/family home world.

Worst Prodcut of 2015

Hover Board

The Hover Board came out in the middle of 2015 and captivated social media. The product used celebrity endorsements and commercials to become popular but wasn't a product of great use. Thus making it one of the worst products because encourages laziness and immature behavior.

Top Movies

Star Wars

Star wars was the overall best movie of the year racking in a astonishing amount of money on opening weekend. And dominating the movie theaters across the country with sold out screenings for days.

Inside Out

Inside was a family fun, wholesome movie experience that touched hearts and made people smile every where

Top Artist


Drake was by far the most outstanding and social trending artist of the year. By making a monumental album and hit single he's proven just how good he is as a artist this year.


Adele came out of the shadows od this year and shocked the world with her amazing voice. When she dropped her number 1 single of the year "hello" she showed just how powerful of a artist she is.

Top 10 songs



3)Love Yourself

4)Hotline Bling

5)What do you mean?

New Years Resolution

Personal Improvement

To be more attentive and aware of life issues

Family and Friends

Spend more time and have more memorable moments


Get into college