2015 Year in Review

5 Hottest Stories Of 2015

Caitlyn Jenner- Actor and former gold medalist in the 100-yard dash in the 1945 Olympics. Jenner revealed her identity as a Trans woman.

Mayweather VS Pacquiao- "The Superbowl of boxing." It was one of the richest sporting events in history.

Deflategate- It is an event football addicts and football haters can talk about. This game was also the AFC Championship game.

US Women's National Team wins World Cup- The team blows out Japan 5-2 in the finals. It is the third time they've won the whole tournament.

Instagram explodes and becomes more popular than Twitter- Surpassing Twitter by more than 80 million users, Instagram announced it now has a community of more than 400 million around the world. This means that Instagram is bigger than Twitter.

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Best Marketed Companies of 2015

Nike- "Just Do It",says the great, successful company. They display and advertise their products very well and have created a slogan no one will forget.

Apple- They keep creating the "next" product that everyone wants and must have. Their products are very appealing and they know what the customers want.

2 Most Popular Products of 2015

Selfie Stick- Having Instagram rise to the top of social media in 2015 helped this product become popular. The Selfie stick helps you take the pictures you want, with everyone in them. They are able to allow you to cover more ground in your photos in the time of need.

Hover board- A fun and "hot" way to move around.

2 Of The Worst Products Of 2015

Logbar Ring- Not useful and over priced item for a product that has already been made.

EZ Pee- This product can be found in various places and it has many competitors.

Top 2 Movies Of 2015

Minions Movie- Earned over 1 million in theaters and stores. A fun, family movie. Very cute and appealing characters.

Star Wars (The Force Awakens)- Many items have been sold prior to the release of the movie. Over the years Star Wars has collected and gained many new enthusiasts and fans

2 Hottest Artist Of 2015

Adele- Releasing one of her biggest album's, 25 making her way back to the top.

Justin Beiber- Releasing one of his most popular album's, Purpose. Keeping his fame and popularity at the top of the charts.

5 Influential Figures Of 2015

Carli Lloyd- Scores three goals against Japan in the final game of the World Cup. She has starred in many commercials too.

Taylor Swift- She had inspirational songs fro younger girls and is a role model.

Kylie Jenner- Everyone wanting Kylie Jenner's nice, plump, lips they started doing the Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge.

Blake Shelton- Judge on the Voice and successful artist.

Demi Lavato- Always sending a positive message to young girls.

New Years Resolution

Continue to improve in soccer and to get in better shape.

Help my family more and to be more kind.

Continue to get good grades and work hard in school.