Peek At The Week

September 19-23, 2016

Monday, September 19 - Music with Janet

  • Do: Read or listen to a story for 15 minutes, write it on the reading log

Tuesday, September 20 - Gym with Anne

  • Bring: Reading Log, Gym Shoes, Water bottle
  • Do: Read or listen to a story for 15 minutes, write it on the reading log

Wednesday, September 21 - Art with Ms. Holly

Bus Evacuation practice

  • Bring: Reading Log
  • Do: Read or listen to a story for 15 minutes, write it on the reading log

Thursday, September 22- Music with Janet

  • Bring: Reading log
  • Do: Read or listen to a story for 15 minutes, write it on the reading log

Friday, September 23 - Gym with Anne

Rally today @ 3:15

  • Wear: Spiritwear (if you already have a Hillcrest shirt)
  • Bring: Homework packet, Reading Log, gym shoes, water bottle
  • Do: Read or listen to a story for 15 minutes- continue to read over the weekend!

Sight Words

Look for a booklet of the 125 sight words to come home with your child on Sept 16th. There will be a bright green note attached. Please help your child practice the words that are not crossed off. You are welcome to keep the booklet under the reading log to practice at any time (school or home). Time spent practicing sight words may be used toward the reading log!

Send a T-shirt by Sept 30

Please send in a white t-shirt for your child by September 30. It does not need to be new but should be free of graphics. Your child will tie dye it and wear it for our festival in December as well as for future field trips. (Our class will be monkeys in the festival and the tie dye shirts will look great on stage!)

Volunteer Opportunities

*Apple Math on Friday, October 7. If you're able to help out with either donating apples and/or volunteering, click here!

*Pumpkin Party on Friday, October 28. If you're able to help out with either donating pumpkins and/or volunteering, click here!

*Royal Reader on Fridays. If you have time to come read to our class, please click here for dates and details.

*Tie Dye Helper (1-2 people) Please let me know if you're interested in helping the first graders tie dye shirts. This activity needs to be done outside so we'll want to do it in early October before it's too cold. (If it is raining we'll reschedule.) I have all of the materials and I will help explain how to do it. Wearing rubber gloves and older clothes are recommended.

*Lunch Volunteer They'll need help all year! Check out this link for details and dates.

Sign up to see your child's journal

(Disregard if you've already signed up) This year we're going to use a tool to share what we're learning in class called Seesaw. Your child already has items in his or her own learning journal, and you can get notified when your child adds new items. It's completely private -- only you can see your child's journal outside of class.

*Click on to sign up -- it takes just 30 seconds.

*Once you sign up, you can download the Seesaw Parent app for iPhone or Android, or access your child's journal on the web.
*P.S. If you have more than one child using Seesaw, or want to add a new class/school year for your child, follow the link in this email, then click 'Sign in' tab at the top. You do not need to create a new account.

Word Harvesting

As part of the morning routine, your child will glue in a song, nursery rhyme or poem into a notebook. They will highlight (harvest) 5 interesting words with a yellow crayon/marker. They may find words interesting that are long, short, familiar, new, etc. It is simply a way to have the children look at the text in a different way.

During our meeting we'll do a group harvest (see the picture). Depending on what words they find interesting, we can look at spelling patterns, vowel sounds, capitalization, vocabulary, etc.

Rereading what they've glued in throughout the year will help with fluency. The songs will used during dance/wiggle breaks! I'm always looking for catchy (rated G) songs. I'll let you know what songs/nursery rhymes/poems we used in the previous week. CAUTION: not all music videos are appropriate for first graders. Also know that occasionally I'll change lyrics.

Reading Logs

Leave the Reading Log in the back of the folder. Your child will make progress faster with consistent practice, even over the weekend. At this point in the year, they may be simply listening to the story. (They will be pretty tired for the first six weeks of school.)

On Friday (Sept 16) a homework packet will be sent home. Packets are due the following week. It may contain math, handwriting and/or optional challenges. Help your child learn to budget their time. If you wait until Thursday evening to do the entire packet, you're teaching your child to cram. Packets are review and should not be time consuming. No more than 15 minutes/day on packets and no tears! (If you child has tears, put it in the folder and send me a note. This is not meant to be stressful.)

Easy money

Here are two easy ways to help raise money for Hillcrest.

1) Sign up at with this as your charity:

PTA Minnesota Congress 029817 Hillcrest Community Schools.

2) Save Boxtops! We earn 10¢ per boxtop! You'll find them on items such as boxes of Ziplock bags, cereal, granola bars, kleenex boxes, etc. Ask grandparents, friends and neighbors to collect boxtops for our school.

Mrs. Hoffhines's suggestions for the week:

1-Your child should spend (at least) 2-3x as much time with a book as they do with a screen (if they use a screen at all).

2-Plant kid friendly books EVERYWHERE...bedroom, bathroom, car, backpack, kitchen, etc.

3-Talk with your child about sharing.

Good things to share: jokes, playground equipment, books, art supplies, toys, etc.

Things that shouldn't be shared at school: lunch/snack, secrets, clothes, water bottles, chapstick, and (EEEK!) hats!

Upcoming Events

Sept. 28 - Fall Picture Day

Sept. 29 - Guest speaker from Penn Lake Library, Anne Jensen

Oct. 5 - Fundraiser Due

Oct. 6 - Vision & Hearing Checks

Oct. 7 - Apple Math 9:45-11:10 - Volunteers Needed

Oct. 11 - PTSA Meeting @ 6:30 in Media Center

Oct. 19 - No School

Oct. 20 - No School

Oct 21 - No School

Oct. 26 - Picture Retakes

Oct. 27 - Guest speaker from Bloomington Police Dept, Officer Heidi Miller

Oct. 28 - Pumpkin Party, 9:45-11:00 - Volunteers Needed

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