Case 1: Shopping for Clothes

Suppose you are given $170 to go shopping on tax free weekend for school clothes. You find shirts on sale for $7.50 and pants for $10 at Old Navy. You need to buy twice as many shirts as pants. Write two equations to determine the number of shirts and pants you can buy for $170. Use p for pants and s for shirts . Solve the system of equations.

Case 2: Let's Go to Lunch!

Suppose you are at the food court at the mall and you go to McDonald's for lunch. They have two meal deal options. The first deal is 3 burgers and fries for $14 and the second deal is 2 burgers and fries for $10. Write a system of equations and determine the cost of a burger and fries. Use b for burgers and f for fries. What would be the cost of 4 burgers and 2 fries.