Mammoth Cave National Park

Created by: Bailey Nicholson

Introduction to fun!!! :)

Mammoth Cave is one of the most amazing caves in all of the world. There are many different topics about Mammoth Cave such as it's history, it's description, and just some fun facts. Mammoth Cave is awesome, amazing, fantabulous, and supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. So, Mammoth Cave has facts. Let's learn them! Facts are important, just like Mammoth Cave.

Description of Mammoth Cave

There are many interesting details about Mammoth Cave. Such as, nearly 5,000 to 7,000 people go to Mammoth in just one year. People all around the world come to visit Mammoth Cave. Mammoth Cave is over 400 miles long! There is probably more, but we have only explored and mapped out that many miles. There are also many different types of animals that live in Mammoth Cave such as birds, crustaceans, fish, gastropods, insects, mammals, mussels, plants, reptiles, eyeless fish, and bats. Overall, there are many different things in Mammoth Cave. A few of those are limestone, lots of different animals (as seen above), lakes, rivers, and waterfalls. On the right is a picture of where Mammoth Cave is located. Mammoth Cave is located is west central Kentucky. As you can see, Mammoth Cave has many different details.

Fun Facts About Mammoth Cave

There are many important facts about Mammoth Cave. One thing is that the first human went into Mammoth Cave around 4,000 years ago! We don't know for sure, but 4,000 years ago is around when scientists believe. It is also believed that European settlers discovered Mammoth Cave. Something that is really interesting is why Mammoth Cave is called Mammoth Cave. So, why? Mammoth Cave is called Mammoth

Cave because of the extinct animal the mammoth. The chambers and tunnels of Mammoth Cave are mammoth sized. In the text above, there are many fun facts about Mammoth Cave, an amazing park.

History of Mammoth Cave

History may not be fun, but Mammoth Cave history is! For example, in 1941, Mammoth Cave was established. Mammoth Cave was open to the public before then though. Since 1816, Mammoth Cave has been open to the public. It could have been open to the public before then, but it was being used by the soldiers during The War of 1812. Another historic fact about Mammoth Cave is when it created. From the studies of Mammoth Cave, scientists have discovered that Mammoth Cave may have started to form around 10 MILLION years ago, even before King Tut. More important than when, but how Mammoth Cave was created is also something important to know. Mammoth Cave was created when mildly acidic water trickled through cracks in the limestone and wore it away. As you can see, Mammoth Cave has a very important history that everyone should know.

Myth on How the Cave Was Created- The Cave Creater

Out in the middle of Kentucky, a loud boom sounded all over the whole world 10 million years ago. Then a quiet old chicken came walking out of the dust.

"Cluck cluck! Cluck cluck!" (I have created the cave! I have created the cave!) it said.

It was as if the whole world stopped for 3 hours. Over at the cave, it was like the smoke had cleared and the cave had magically appeared.

And so the story of the cave creator was forgotten after the old chicken effaced everyone's minds. What an exciting day to be forgotten!

Conclusion to Fun :(

Mammoth Cave is one of the most amazing caves in all of the world. It has crazy fish, extremely wide miles, amazing history, and creepy tunnels and chambers. There are some weird unrealistic stories about Mammoth Cave. There are also some really reasonable and backed-up stories about Mammoth Cave. We don't know which are true and which are false, but all we can do is wonder.