By: Abelaash Giritharan

Introduction About Space Suits

A space suit is a set of special clothes that acts as a small spacecraft. Astronauts can move around and protect them from danger.

1. What are the main parts of a space suit? How do they work?

In the space suit it has many parts. The different parts of the space suit are:

1. The helmet which covers the face and has a special visor which looks like sunglasses and protects them from the sun.

2. The upper torso which covers the chest, arms and hands.

3. The DCM which is the computer that connects with the other astronauts and warns them if something is wrong with the space suit.

4. The PLSS: Astronauts breathe through oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide.

5. The Lower Torso: connects with the legs and the feet

6. The cooling system: connects the tubes to power up oxygen

7. The drinking system: allows astronauts to drink water

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How Astronauts Put on Space Suits

2. Do astronauts have to wear space suits all the time? Why or why not?

Astronauts need to wear space suits any time they go outside of the spacecraft for their protection from the sun. Secondly, astronauts needs to wear space suits all the time so they can be safe and breathe oxygen. In space there's no air so that means they will die if they not given oxygen. Lastly, astronauts need to wear space suit for there protection , look at other planets , and mission.

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3. What Are Some Safety Measures That Are Built Into Space Suits?

The safety measures that was built on the space suit is that it can be organizes to prevent other equipment. The second safety measures that was built on the space suit was that they need to include

1. Radiation

2. alarm

3. drinking water

4. oxygen.

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4. Do you think space suits are comfortable? Why or why not?

Space suits are uncomfortable because astronauts have to wear an diaper when they go to the washroom. Secondly, space suits are uncomfortable because they need to breath though oxygen (PLSS). Lastly, space suit are uncomfortable because they need to wear tubes to connect the suit to drink and etc.
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