All About Julie

By:Julie Bartello

Favorite Food

My favorite kind of food is Italian food, but my favorite Italian food is Eggplant Parmesan.

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My favorite tv show is

My favorite tv show is diners drive ins and dives. I love to see how they travel around and get to eat at all these interesting foods. You also get to see how they make it which is really interesting. My other favorite tv show is pretty little liars. I love it because its such a mystery and keeps you wanting to watch. It also has cute relationships and lets you know how people arent always who they seem.

My favorite place to be.

My favorite place to be is away at the camper ground in the country. I love the smell of the country and being out in the middle of nowhere with no troubles. It is relaxing and makes me feel well makes me feel like I have a true home town I will never lose or change.