Westward Expansion

Native Americans

What Happened?

The Native Americans were forced off their land by the US government. They were forced to live in places called Indian Reservations. Within these reservations, the land was poor and they hated living on the reservations. They were given some money from the US government if they live there, but it wasn't that much money. Not enough to live on.

How did they live?

In order to survive, the Native Americans killed bison, which was their main source of food and clothing. Sadly, the US army set out to kill all the bison which was pretty much depriving the Native Americans of their food.

Some Important people/tribes were...

The Native Americans were angry

Westward Expansion Rap

Dawes Act

The Dawes Act was in 1887 when they tried to get the Native Americans to behave like white Americans. That process is called assimilation. It did not go as expected and failed miserably.