Connect Parents to Seesaw!

WHPS Tech Tip

Parent Conference Time is the Perfect Time to Welcome your Parent Community into Seesaw!

Here's how to invite parents to subscribe to their child's Seesaw journal:

  1. Go to and sign in
  2. Click Your Name (in the upper left hand corner)
  3. Click Invite Parents
  4. Choose "Get Parent Handout" and it will open all of the parent invite handouts in a new window for you to send to your printer.

    Send Home a Handout (Recommended): Seesaw will generate a unique QR code handout for each student with their first name on the top center. Print out these handouts and hand them out at conferences. Parents download Seesaw and scan their child’s code. Parents only have access to their child’s journal.

Post a Note item into your Seesaw class to welcome parents.

Tag that item with "Everyone" so it appears for all parents. Here’s what you can include:

"Welcome to Seesaw! We’re excited to share our classroom learning with you!

Our Seesaw Tips For Parents:

  1. Be constructive! Learning a new skill is hard and we need your help.
  2. Specific comments are best. Think about how you can add to the learning conversation.
  3. In a group or ‘everyone’ post, please remember your comment is shared with everyone tagged - students and their parents. This is a great opportunity to lift up the whole class!

Let's have fun learning together!"


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