By: Tiarra Perez

About Beto

Beto is 16 years old and live in San Francisco de Assis

Family Life

    1. Betos Mother drinks because she feels relieved. Beto has a sister and brother (German)and another brother (fredy). The fathers of the children abandoned the mother and children. Fredy has a daughter of his own but doesn't treat his daughter well.


The neighborhoods aren't that dangerous

There isn't much gangs but there are gangs around


Beto and his sister had been threatened by there brother German. The only reason they were threatened was because German was beating Beto and his sister.

Fighting for peace

Beto joined a workshop and soon lead him to be a peace maker. Beto went around making peace, Beto changed other peoples lifes.


If i got to ask one question for Beto it would be did everyone respect the Peace and did the area become peaceful?

Impressed me most

I am impressed with Beto is that at the age 12 he began to start peace and he kept going around and spread the word about it. Beto never gave up in the peace making even though he was going through many things at home with his family.