Emperor Penguins

By Jazlynn Jones

Introduction lead

Today you will learn all about emperor penguins like food and life cycle.

Fun facts

Did you know that a emperor penguin can Stay underwater for 20 minutes. I can only use daily water for 5 seconds. Baby penguins Are called Chicks. A chick's feathers Are gray instead of Black and white feathers.

Life cycle

First,a baby is born.Next,growth and development.After that reproduction.finally death.


Emperor penguins and have a black and white camouflage that Protects them in the water.Emperor penguins can grow to 4 feet tall.That is almost the Size of a kid!Emperor penguins have a lot of blubber.There feathers help them be waterproof.

More fun facts

they live in antarctica.
  • Did you know that a emperor penguin can stay underwater for 20 min? I can only stay underwater for 5 seconds! A baby penguin is called a chick.They have webbed feet.


I hope that you learned alot and make sure you look for more information online.

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Penguins were around when dinos were.www.emperorpenguins.com