Bailee Pavlovec 6-2

Theme: Perseverance

  • Sounder showed perseverance by when he got shot and went out to the woods to heal, but he still came back. The Mother showed perseverance by when the father was taken away, but she still stuck around at home to take care of the kids. She didn't show worry. The Father showed perseverance by when he was taken away from his home. He didn't show that he was sad when the boy came to the jail, and when he came home half paralyzed he still looked like strong father. The boy showed perseverance by when the father was taken away he tried to be like the father by working in the fields. He also showed perseverance by when he kept coming home every summer to help his mom because the dad died.


  • Martin Luther King Jr the leader of 1916 movement. He was a very important person. He fought for African Americans the have the same rights as the whites. He believed that skin color shouldn't separate us. Even though people thought that he would never make it so we're even, he kept moving forward. His speeches made people feel confident and powerful.
  • Martin Luther King Jr showed perseverance by not giving up on making it free for African Americans. He also showed perseverance by marching with the African Americans. He didn't give up when people threw rocks in his house windows.

Animal/ human relationships

  • This girl has been there for these lions when they were little cubs and now when they are older. The lions see her as a stronger person in their eyes. She has a very special bond with them and she knows them from back to front. The lions are so use to her that they let people in to their fenced in area. This girl and the four lions are best friends.

Anticipation guide

The color of a person’s skin can tell you a lot about what that person is like. I Disagree. People don't act different because of their skin color. You should never judge before you get to know them, they may be your new best friend. People go by their personalities, not by how they look or talk

A father, daughter, dog.

  • A father, daughter, dog and Sounder are alike because the both of the fathers liked the outdoors. It's also alike because both of the dogs died shortly after their masters. The differences between the stories are because in Sounder he had a son, but in A Father, Daughter, and Dog he had a daughter. Another difference is because the daughter went out and bought the dog but in Sounder the dog was found wondering along a road.


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