Chinese Schools of Thought

By Garrett Murray


This was stating that you need to respect you parents. Also, respect your slerd as mucha s possible, because they have been through much more then you. You should never do to other people what you do not wish to do to yourself.  Government officials also have to pass exams to prove that they understand these principals.


Harmony comes from balancing opposites forces of ying and yang. The best government is the one who governs the least. People should also believe in harmony with nature. They also reject conflict; they prefer to give way-to yield like water.


A strong government is one who deters violence. It made people use forceful, harsh labor to set people straight. The anture of the man is "evil", strict rules are needed for structure. It is also part of the Qin dynasty.


Meditation is very important is promoting a peaceful life. Doing good things in life lead to Nirvana.  Monastaries became the center of learning. It also diffused china through the silk road.
Buddhism in China